As you know, spices are seeds, roots, barks, fruits, or other plant substances used primarily to flavor, preserve food, or color. Spices are often confused with herbs, which are the leaves, flowers, or stems of plants used for flavoring or as a garnish. Most spices have antimicrobial properties. Organic Products India is one of the leading spice exporters, manufacturers and suppliers in India and across the globe.

Use of Spices

Spices are used as a medicinal ingredient in Ayurvedic practice and are essential in curing regular ailments such as headache, cough and cold. These have been an essential part of Indian cuisine for centuries, which is why you will find most of the major Indian Spices Exporters. They are commonly used in Indian foods and are famous for their characteristic spicy taste of Indian foods. 

Health Benefits

Spices have many health benefits, most notably antimicrobial properties and disease-protecting nutrients with high concentrations of phytochemicals. They also have mood-enhancing and anti-depressant properties.